Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Hello all, no art or nothin' today, i just wanted to mention that this blog is a whole year old as of today.

Seems wierd that i'm so used to posting now. I originally started it just so i could leave abuse over on Bob Byrne's website. He told me i should start posting but i dismissed the idea since the internet scared and confused me. Also, it required effort, and i wasn't so hot about that either. However, i was soon heading to San Diego (unlike this year) and reckoned giving my art some net presence couldn't hurt in case there was any interest in me at Comic-con. As it happens, i still don't have a website (in the process of startin one up tho) and i'm pretty sure no editor stateside has been stalking me since.

However, i've been getting into a good habit of getting work done, just so i have something to show for myself every couple of days. Also, i suppose it's worth mentioning since i started this blog, i have:

Gotten a proper job drawing comics,
Moved to a different country,
Gotten my own studio,
Done a handful of signings,
Did a couple of covers for other folks,
Created my own self-published comic,
Won an Eagle Award,
Gotten fatter,
And made a few friends on the way....

A lot has changed in a year.

So, Happy Birthday blog, 'tis been a year since i first posted on thee.....

Since it's been a year, and as far as i know, 4 people actually read this blog, so if you do check this blog the odd time, do me a favor and post a comment, to wish my blog a happy birthday, or just to curse my name and tell me how much you hate me. At least i'll know how many people read this. And hate me...



Alex Griffiths said...

Thought I'd say congratulations man, and i've got a CD here for you, with Virgin Suicides on it. I will leave it on your board if your not there when i come in.

Anonymous said...


you don't know me but i come to look at the pretty pictures n aw that.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your blog, Dec!

Stephen Mooney said...

Happy birthday to this beautiful... thing that you've spawned. I visit every day man, I.... love you

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Delan's Blog,

Now put your knickers on & go and make me a cup of tea !!!!!

Is dat enough abuse for ya ?

Domestic Goddess ... Wannabe! said...

Happy Birthday Blog!Its true Declan, I visit Blogs and yours is one! Don't pay for a website just yet! Drop me an email and I'll tell you why! Congrats on the award too!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to your blog good sir. And I can't think of any abuse towards yourself or the blog just now. Just wait till your back in the studio, I'm sure I'll come up with something by then...

Alan (with one L) said...

keep posting nice pic's I'll keep read it

Happy B'day blog for me and The Shadow

Will Sliney said...

You sure have gotten fatter!!!!

Mike Exner III said...

Awwwww... blog! I love you, maaaaaan. You're not nearly as fat as that Declan guy, but you're working on it! Congrats on all the accomplishments in a year's time, Dec.

Bridgeen Gillespie said...

yeah yeah, happy birthday declan's blog.What a cheap ploy to find out how many people love you! b ;)

Declan Shalvey said...

Who-hoo! 11 people! I'm officially a one man industry now.

Sound Alex, i've been tryin to get that cd for yonks. I got some stuff for you too.

Cheers Gavd, thanks for lettin yourself known

Always good to hear fom Andy winter!

Moondog, i love you too. As much as a man CAN love another man.

Sean, "Hymen's a heap of sh*t. C'mon, we know it's wank, so let's isolate the wanky components."

Nina, leave your e-mail. That'd make it easier to actually e-mail yeh. And thanks!

Sound Greg.

Cheers Alan, glad you're happy with The Shadow (once you finally got it)

Will, quit the drawing, there's no future in it

Thanks Mike!

Bridgeen, you're onto me! (keep it under your hat!)

Domestic Goddess ... Wannabe! said...

Watch it cheeky!
I thought you had it!-everyone else does! Its ninalyons@gmail.com.
Chat t'ya soon,Bud!

jacintha said...

happy belated birthday blog...

Bob Byrne said...

Fuck you Dec

NHOJ said...


Congrats Dec, you really are living the dream -- drawing and getting paid for it...can things be any sweeter? Well...I'm sure that there shiny EAGLE AWARD does add to the overall sweetness like a capsule packed with too much sweet-type-sweetness. Oh yes.

Seriously though, it's amazing what can change in a year...here's hoping the next year sees you going on to even better things. The best of luck man.

irishdog said...

Hi Dec,
Sorry I missed your blog birthday, congrats anyway. Just thought I would drop you a line and say hi.
Names Rich been chating with Will the last few days and have just set up a blog there's a link on his page.
Just had a look at your work and have to say I like it alot. Keep it up and I'll wish you a happy birthday in a years time. Good luck.

Rich said...

Dec, any chance you could stick a link on your blog page too mine?
I'll buy you a pint next time your in Dublin if you do.

Rich said...

Thanks Dec for putting the link in, I appreciate that. Shit I owe you a pint now damn it!