Monday, July 30, 2007


Had another life drawing class yesterday. Again, really enjoyed it. Instead of concentrating on doing two, proper finished drawings, i instead concentrated on getting as much poses and angles as i could. Did a couple of pencil sketches, but then pulled out the auld pen and brush and went to town. I wasn't bothered about getting all the proportions right, i was more concerned with figuring out all the muscles and shadows.
That was the last class, so it sucks i won't be able to do this again for a while, but pretty happy i got to do this for a couple of days.



Rich said...

Nice stuff Dec, I really like quick sketches like these.
I really miss doing life drawing, I have to try and find a class around here.

Bob Byrne said...

Deeeeadly. Really impressive bwo. I'm doing a few classes soon toon. Here, that pose he's in is the classic 'Wanked out' pose. Put a Kleenex box beside him.