Monday, September 24, 2007


Here's a panel from the final story in Your Round: Stout, by Beth Millar. She actually started working on it when i was putting the first book, Tequila, together. After a lot of discussion and re-workings she handed me some lovely pages from a story she had written herself. When my co-editor viewed them, he expressed some concerns, basically he felt the artwork didn't look quite right. ie, it sat uncomfortably in-between an 'indie' and 'mainstream' style. Viewing the artwork, i could see his point. He asked me if i could work in top of her work to strengthen it. I was relieved that Beth was kind enough to allow me to work on her art. She had done a lot of work on these pages and i didn't want to hand them back to her yet again to work on them more.

So i used some drybrush to add texture, made the lighting more dramatic, etc. Thought it'd be interesting to show a 'before and after' kind of affair. I actually enjoyed working over her work. The only other time i worked on someone elses work was when i inked a page Will Sliney pencils, which again, was fun.

He didn't like it tho.

So, here's a panel from one of Beth's pages, with my finishes below it.



Will Sliney said...

Wow thats the best thing I v ever seen you do!!! Oh wait!! the image isnt loading at all!! Come on Dec, sort it out, I wanna see it

Anonymous said...

same here!
i`d love to see it though

Declan Shalvey said...


Alan (with one L) said...

Looks good - demonstrates you'd be a great inker over any pencils

Anonymous said...

reminds me of some 70`s\80`s indy comics i read recently
nice simple enough style
i know i`ve said this 7 or so times now,but can`t wait to see it

Declan Shalvey said...

Ah thanks guys.

Alan, i wouldn't say i'd be a great inker over any pencils. I wouldn't mind trying my hand at some inks, but i'd say there's only certain styles i could work on.

Luke; cool, i kinda wanted it to look like that. Should definately have the book in print by month's end.

Bob Byrne said...

Hey gaybo! Very tastefully done my man, I know it must've been hard to approach it and without offending the artist's sensibilities. Good job