Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Every now and then i belt out a favourite page. Not that it's necessarily better than the others, but it just turned out the way you wanted to. If you're very lucky, it'll be better. That's very rare.

Anyhoo. This is a bit from my new favourite page.....



Will Sliney said...

Thats Franktastic!!!

Anonymous said...

and don`t forget the herokillers.
sorry about remindin you so late

Declan Shalvey said...

Ah Luke, you're too late. If you'd posted 3 hours earlier i'd have gotten it in time, but i flew back to Ireland earlier this evein'.

Sorry man.

Try the Hero Killers website altogether.


Kevin Mc Namara said...

hey man, kevin here, you drew that great picture of daredevil for me at subcon anyway i set up a blog myself under will's instructions and have posted some art, new and old so check it out any feed back would be great!