Sunday, December 09, 2007


Two things of interest for me on newsarama in the last day or so;

First is an interview with fellow Irish-comic-artist Nick Roche bout his upcomming book Doctor Who. Read it here.

Also, there's an interview with Rick Leonardi bout pencilling and with Kevin Nowlan bout inikng Leonardi's pencils, along with his approach to inking other artists work. Anyone who knows me knows i'm a huge Kevin Nowlan fan, so foind this interview really interesting. On inking his own work he says;

"Penciling is the heavy lifting and inking is the celebration after the real work is done"

That's very much how i feel about inking my own work. For me, pencilling is the hard work and inking (although still a lot of work) is the fun part.

Read it all here



Stephen Mooney said...

They call Nick a Brit in the opening paragraph...

Will Sliney said...

Yeh i noticed that too

jamie said...

ilove rick leonardis work,shame there's comparitively so little of it.
he was inked by seinkewicz on an issue of the new mutants once.
i actually wet myself.

jamie said...

also,while i think this new doctor whoo comic is a great idea,i feel the same way about it as i do those comic strips they put in the dr who magazine,all garish colouring and 'cartoony-style' art.
fine,if hewlett and martin were doing it but i'd rather see a more graphic approach to a doctor who comic,a bit more 'adult'... for loss of a better word.
someone like ash wood,or tim bradstreet.
but that nick roche is a great artist,don't get me wrong...
i'll shut up now.

jamie said...

oops,with the 'whoo'.
spelling mistake.

Declan Shalvey said...

Ah, it'd be really interesting to see someone like Ash Wood/Hewlet do a Who book, but IDW obviously have a target audience, which wouldn't suit either of those artists. Nick is definately the right guy for the book they want to make. Really looking forward to seeing the first issue.

jamie said...

i totally agree,in hindsight.
in as much as the new who has been successful by perfectly targeting it's audience,i imagine this new book will sell bucketloads,and quite rightfully make a massive star out of nick roche.