Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Greetings all, hope ye all had a good New Years.

Below is a panel from one of my Frankenstein layouts, i'll post the pencils tomorrow.

Also, there's an article on Newsarama revealing fellow Mick Stephen Thompson's new Star Trek book is in fact part of Peter David's New Frontier series, written by the man himself. You can read the feature here. Congrats Thompson! I'm dead jealous of yeh.

Speaking of Thompson, both he and i met up, along with some of the other Eclectic Micks, Stephen Mooney, Will Sliney and Nick Roche, for a little Christmas shindig at Mooney's place. Returning home for Christmas and seeing old friends was great, but the Micks-meet was a definite highlight of my time home. I realised that lots of my friends had Christmas work-parties, which i can't actually have, since i work for myself. So meeting up with the other Irish guys and talking shop for the night was an absolute pleasure. Joining in the festivities (and adding some much needed good-looks) were colourist extraordinaire Lisa Jackson and host extraordinaire, Jackie! For once, i have no photos as proof, but ask any of the others and i'm sure they'll say they enjoyed themselves.

Another high-point was the 12 Pubs of Christmas in Cork with my main man Will Sliney, and the annual Superman/Batman piece we did. Check it out on his blog

Smell ya later,



Stephen Mooney said...

It's a christmas miracle! Twas a great night indeed. See ye all next year in the new house I hope!

jacintha said...

newsarama spelt thompsons name shalev...
twas a good night, although apologies for my early exit due to a dodgy tum! i will admit however i was completely out of my depth with the levels of nerdiness you guys get to, at least lisa can follow your conversations!! talk to you soon, Happy New Year