Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hey all, I did an interview with the good folks at Indie Review. Check it out.

Thanks to Hassan for the interview!



Anonymous said...

Best interview I`ve read in a while.It was great hearing about how you broke into comics .
Also,you`re right about that whole"mammies looking for spiderman"thing in comic shops.but I have to say,subcity`s very good when it comes to that with well placed GNs with recommendations.There should be an award for shops like that.I think theres an Eagle for it but I`m not certain...

Anonymous said...

well done, a really good interview, and you are also...don't be that modest you find out with a really original style, i think...too much drunk to say somenthing good, but praise me i read it till the end and my eyes dropping tears right now!!! then about spiderman..i'm sure you can render it more interesting by breacking the rules in the way just you are able to do...goodnigth