Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Thanks to Alan and Adam for sending me on some scans!

I must also mention, Andy Winter (my collaborator on Hero Killers and upcoming Tim Skinner) has a graphic novel called Septic Isle, which is available to order in Previews this month. I've mentioned it many times here, and have shown the cover which i illustrated for Andy and it's interior artist, Mick Trimble. It's been getting great reviews all over the place.

It's on PREVIEWS page 313, order code AUG08 4213, ISBN: 978-0-9542739-3-4.

Check out the new website at www.britainisbroken.com for more.

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Anonymous said...

love the first one and the last (i dislike joker himself) but actually the last one is the best! great work! as you can see i'm really addicted to your blog!! see you soon