Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Here's the rest of the photos i have from the sketches i did at Liffey Valley's VUE Cinema.

Angry Batman. I like the bits of drybrush in this one.

Someone asked for the scene in the movie where Bats landed on the van smashing the windshield. Quite like this one. Smashy-smashy.

Another variation on the 'Why So Serious' Joker from the last post.


A swooping Batman.

Another swooping Batman. I prefer the one above.

Batman hiding from the light. I'm quite fond of this one too.

Another Joker.

Not sure where this idea came from. Just popped into my head. I like it. I think i'm finally becoming more comfortable with my sketches. Between the last weekend, the sketches at Asylum, and the sketches at the 2D Festival, i did more good sketches than bad. About bloody time.



Anonymous said...

i really like all of your sketch!! especially the depressed batman, unusual for him...! really good work!

luke f said...

Fantastic stuff!I remember being knocked out of my mittens by the fact you didn`t need any reference.And I feel like a tool for not introducing you to my brother,donal,who came to pick me up.whoops!

Kevin Mc Namara said...

Great sketches dec have to say though the movie was amazing, my girlfriend who by no means is interested in comic books says its her favourite movie, im still on a high since i saw it, joker's pencil trick was amazing! i wanna learn how to do it! anyway man good stuff! it does the movie justice!

Stephen Mooney said...

Some great stuff here man.

Lisa said...

That's some good drybrush.

I like angry Batman the best, it would make a great poster.

jamie said...

damn,they're good.

David Ferguson said...

I like the last one. Reminds me of young Bruce's pose on one of the covers to Batman: Year One.

Really good.

Anonymous said...

Amazing work Declan! I'm so glad I got the chance to get some of your work. I scanned in your sketchs.So I will email them to you. Wish I got more!

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks a lot for all the comments guys!

Lisa, you prefer the angry one, eh? Hmmmm.... interesting....#

Alan, thanks a lot for the scans; i'm glad you liked the drawings!


Bob Byrne said...

Byrne doesn't even get a mention. You pwick. Great art bwo

Declan Shalvey said...

Damn straight. Byrne is dead to me. And what's with the gay new profile photo?