Sunday, July 13, 2008


Did a last-minute signing at Asylum Books and Games yesterday. Did some decent sketches. Here's some of them.

I'm afraid from now on blog posts will be less frequent; i'm in the process of packing for my move back to Ireland this week, and when i get there, i won't have any internet connection, so if i don't reply to any of your e-mails/comments, then just gimme a couple of days and i'll get back to ye.




Kevin Mc Namara said...

Great sketches Dec! and hey the emerald isle ain't so bad! Good luck with the move man!

luke f said...

Those are deadly!
moving back?in this time of recession?
great timing as always dec!
I`ll be picking up the haunted liverpool book on amazon soon.sad to hear it`s not on sale here though...

jamie said...

i don't get it,i bought one of those 'brush pens' and my art doesn't come out anything like that.
it's just not fair!
love the first batman.

Anonymous said...

Leaving the 'deen?! Surely no!

Shit, guess i'd better come see you and get my Brom book and artwork pages for 'your round' back!


Stephen Mooney said...

love the daredevil, some great stuff there Deckard

Rich said...

You've got the dry ink brush effect down pat man.
These are realy good Dec, nice one.

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks guys, i appreciate all the nice words.

Glad you like the Daredevil Moondog, that one is probably my favourite out of all i did that day. The brushy-Batman one turned out okay too.

Must dash, I can hear the green hills of County Clare calling me....


Lee Townsend said...

Really like the sketches Declan!