Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This year's Tripwire annual should be out soon, there was a panel about it and the new Studio Space book at San Diego last weekend. Nice! There's lots of preview images on the Joel Meadows blog. The above cover is by 1985 artist (and uber-talented) Tommy Lee Edwards. The annual has interviews with Tim Kring, Matt Groening, David X. Cohen and many, many more. Also, a Stripwire feature with short stories by Roger Langridge, Jamie McKelvie and myself. Check it out.

Also, The Dark Knight appearance at the VUE in Liffey Valley went quite well. I must have sold over 30 different drawings. All the ladies really seemed to like the Heath Ledger Joker. Thanks to all at VUE for looking out for me and to Luke F and Adam Murray for poppin' out to say hello. I've photos of sketches; i'll post them later in the week.



Anonymous said...

i would be pleased to check you out but i'm not around...!i'll wait for your sketch, sure they are beautifull,
see you

Unknown said...

I've seen the Annual and it looks smart. Just waiting for more to come in so I can send you your copy…
Gave one to Joss Whedon at San Diego, which is rather exciting…
Send me your address.