Sunday, January 18, 2009


From the Classical Comics news page;

"Frankenstein Quick Text to go into 2nd edition.
Only three months since it was first printed, sales have exceeded our estimates and we're having to reprint the Quick Text version of Frankenstein!"

Great stuff. I have no idea what the actual numbers are or anything, but the fact that the quick text has to be reprinted only 3 months after it was published is great.

Congrats to all the team!



Bob Byrne said...

Well done. What did you do with the money?
Dec: "What money?"

Me: "The money your Ma gave you for art classes!:

Dec "ROFL!!!LOL!! Futurama reference"

Stephen Mooney said...

Great stuff Dec. Congrats.

Unknown said...

Chuffed to bits for you, Dec!

Michael Grant Clark said...

Well smart, great news on that. I hope the publishers thank you too.

Kevin Mc Namara said...

CoOl BeAnS!!!

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks guys, it is pretty good news alright.

Bob; i never 'LOL' or 'ROFL', but i sure do enjoy a Futurama reference!

Michael; i don't think the publishers have to thank me. I don't think the sales have anything to do with *me* really...


Anonymous said...

Obviously, I take all the credit. I did all the hard work. ;-)

Seriously... wahey!!!