Sunday, February 22, 2009


Quite busy with Sweeney Todd at the moment, but here's a layout for one of the pages i'm working on. It was a pretty straight page script-wise, but i really wanted to come up with a more interesting layout design. I've also gone back to doing smaller layouts, with an added greytone to make it clearer. I was doing bigger, more laboured layouts in pencil, but by the time i worked on the actual page, it felt like i was pencilling it twice. I'd get tired of all the pencilling and the pages srarted to feel more dull as a result. Much happier with this approach. I'll post the pencils in a couple of days.



Bob Byrne said...

You good artists drive me mad with your nice pencils that get inked over. All you need is a few circles and noodle blobs and you're set.

White power

luke f said...

That`s a really nice layout.
Real easy to follow.
I`ve probably mentioned him before,but have you ever checked out any of Paul Grist`s stuff?

Declan Shalvey said...

You've never mentioned Paul Grist before Luke, but i do know his work. Never really picked any of it up, to be honest, but i've always liked everything i've seen.


Stephen Mooney said...

He's working on some Dr. Who stuff for IDW at the mo, great artist.
Nice layout Dec, I've always liked these wee jobbies.