Friday, July 10, 2009


For all those who can't make it to see the exhibition i've been ranting on about, all the work can now be seen online here

While i'm at it, i thought i'd point out my 3 favourite pieces from the night. Though the exhibition as a whole features many different kinds of mediums, my favourites ended up being the paintings. Two of which are actually acquaintances from my art college days.

My favourites were...

Kevin O'Keeffe, 'The Brontosaurus finally dead...' Oil and Gold Leaf on Board

Stephen Murphy, 'Leather', Oil on canvas

And my favourite out of the whole exhibition...

Stephen McCarthy, 'Ballad of a Gentle Pause', Acrylic and ink on canvas



Jinxreducing said...

That last one is flippin great!

David Ferguson said...

I liked the painting of the face that was kind modern. It was one of the better exhibitions I've been to.

luke f said...

Really liking that last one.
And did you see some muppet did a Rocketeer pic?It`s really shite and...


Seriously though,that Rocketeer one is class and it really holds its own alongsides the proper arty-art stuff.

Stephen Mooney said...

Wow, all three are seriously aces. You know somw talanted doods man.

Declan Shalvey said...

I sure do Mooney, and none of them post on a daily-updated blog ...hint hint.

I know the artists of the first two. Nice guys and obviously talented. That last one really stood out though.

Glad you liked the exhibition David; i'd have to agree; it was one of the better ones i've seen, my piece not withstanding.

Thanks Luke; i'd like to think The Rocketeer fit in well enough with the other pieces.