Monday, July 20, 2009


Here's the pencils to the commission i've been working on; yeah, it's Punisher Vs Deadpool. Fun. Never drew Deadpool before and i've been meaning to do a good Punisher drawing for a while.

Had to change things up from the layout. The original black clouds i was going to do were cluttering things up a big, so i moved them to one side. Made the moon bigger to make it a bit more visually interesting too. Temptation was to go in and add detail on the moon, but i thought it was better off as it was. Whenever i get the feeling i shouldn't add more to a drawing, it's usually the right call. The lack of detail in the sky is balanced by all the junkyard detail, i think. Looking forward to inking this.

Just realized the first issue of Poe was out this week, the one with the fancy cover i did a while back. Must have a look for it in the comic shop. You must, that is.

Gonna be busy for the next few weeks, so posting will be less frequent than the usual every second day, sorry.



Stephen Mooney said...

Lotta work in those pencils, they seem more tight than we usually see from you. I like it a lot.

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks man.

Yeah, i put a fair bit of work into it. Been pencilling it in parts over the last few days so i suppose i spent a lot of time refining the drawing, which i probably wouldn't do usually. Haven't decided whether to add grey-wash yet, but i'll put up the inks when i have them done.

jamie said...

grey wash!
grey wash!
grey wash!
grey wash!

hey,would the eclectic micks be interested in attending a convention in london?
just been chatting to the organiser of the mcm london expo,and they sound dead keen to have you guys attend and do a talk or presentation.
personally,i think it would be the tits if you did do it!

Declan Shalvey said...

Hey Jamie,

I can't speak for the other lads, but i'd be up for doing it; been itching to go to London for ages. Looks like a good excuse. Could you get the organiser to give me an email?

Stephen Mooney said...

London would be great if it were do-able.

David Ferguson said...

Wow. Looking great. Nice to see the progression from the quick layout.

jamie said...

it is sooo do-able,guys!
wow,let's get the ball rolling,then!

Michael Grant Clark said...

Cracking layout there. I do like the Punisher.

London would be great for you guys, you'd get to see the queen!

I met up With Matt Brooker at the weekend and said you'd sent me to beat him up. He took it in good fun, then I hit him. No, only kidding. he's a great chap and it was fun to chat with him again.