Monday, November 16, 2009


Yikes! I've really been slacking at the blogging of late. Sorry. My bad. Been busy, etc.

Here's a panel from the newest set of Sweeney Todd pages.



Gio said...

great mark making on them bricks Dec, creates a real sense of unease and considering whats in that pie its understandable!!

Kevin Mc Namara said...

Hey Dec got the sketch book and the Mummy sketch so thank you very much! Hope my minion behaved himself! Thanks to the other guys for the monster sketches! All the best!


Michael Grant Clark said...

Mmmm pie.

Really enjoying your 28 days later, work. But still can't wait to see Sweeny Todd. Lots of luck with that mammoth task on top of working on a cracking comic.

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks lads.

Kev, glad you got the book, yer mate behaved like a perfect gentleman!

Thanks Michael, yeah it's hard keeping Sweeney Todd on track alongside 28 Days Later, but i'm getting there. The end is in sight, at least.