Thursday, November 19, 2009


Sean Phillips just put up a post on his blog showing the process of a 28 Days Later cover. See it here.



JayKent said...

excellent my dear man, have to decided myself to cheat and get someone to colour for me , just till I get me photo shop legs lol

Michael Grant Clark said...

Sorry to sound like a gun mad freak. Oh, too late!

But the bottom of the shells on the cover look weird, normally they are indented with a notch near the base and the flange is flush with the case. Unless it's a .22 rimmed round.

On reading that I sound more like a perve than a gun nut!!

Declan Shalvey said...

Michael; i'll take yer word for it; i haven't a clue about guns meself.

Jay; No harm tippin' away at the auld PS in the meantime. You may not always have a lackey at hand. God... i could do with a lackey.