Wednesday, January 20, 2010


As of last Monday i've joined a new sketch blog called Comic Twart. It pretty much happened by accident. As i said i the last post, on Twitter, myself and some other artists happened to all draw the same character on the same day. The following day, we deliberately did the same with a different character. The uber-talented Chris Samnee took the reins and organised us into starting a group blog. So, suddenly i find myself among a group of very talented artists with no clue as to how i really managed it.

Much like the Eclectic Micks blog, i'll be contributing an original piece every week. Unlike the Micks blog, a character is suggested by one of the members, and all of them have to give their take on that specific character. This week was Zorro and i threw in a piece, along with this sketch

I love being part of the Micks blog, as i get to do something with some of the best comic talent Ireland has to offer. The Comic Twart blog is a little different however, as there is some big-time international talent on it, and i'll really have to try and up my game in order to fit in. No offence to the Micks; i'm sure they'd agree. I have to represent Ireland on Comic Twart. On Eclectic Micks, i represent ...uh ...County Clare.

Anyway, keep an eye on the new Comic Twart blog, if only just to check out the actual real talent on it which consists of; Dan Panosian, Evan "Doc" Shaner, Ramón Pérez, Chris Samnee, Andy Kuhn, Nathan Fairbairn, Steve Bryant, Michael Hawthorne, Mitch Gerads, Ron Salas, Dan McDaid, Mitch Breitweiser, Francesco Francavilla and Tom Fowler.



Stephen Thompson said...

I've always said you were one of the best comic book artists from county Clare.

Leigh G said...

You crazy you not have enough work to do as it is?????

Stephen Mooney said...

Obviously not, Leigh.
Some UNBELIEVABLY good stuff over on that new blog Dec, some of these guys really came to play.

Man, with a dry, cool wit like that, i could be an action hero.

Stephen Mooney said...

Oh, and way to insult the Micks!
*runs into bedroom and flings himself onto the bed sobbing*

luke f said...

Great blog,Declan.
And you`re well able to hold your own with the other lads.