Thursday, January 14, 2010


I've been called out! On Twitter (yes, i'm on twitter) the Thor drawing i posted on the Eclectic Micks blog was followed by drawings of the same character, all on the same day. Chris Samnee, the very talented artist of Seige; Imbedded and The Mighty suggested i come up with another for us all to draw. I thought i'd try a character i've never drawn before; Ronin, from New Avengers. I've never seen the other artists draw him either, so it should be interesting. Well, here's my take.

[I'll update this post with links to the other artist's offerings, which will no doubt overshadow mine!]

Here's Chris Samnee's piece,
Evan 'Doc' Shaner's piece,
Francesco Francavilla's piece
Mitch Gerads' piece
and Ron Salas' piece


laura said...

This is awesome! I especially love the composition!

Will Sliney said...

Its a Walkoff!! Great Pic Dec

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks Laura!

I try work on composition a lot (cuz good composition makes up for shoddy drawing)

Declan Shalvey said...

Heh... Walk-off. Wish i'd remembered that.

Thanks Will!

Mark Kardwell said...

Shitting heck, Tucker. I clicked on the link thinking it was going to be Frank Miller's Ronin. Or, we live in hope, Red Ronin. Ah well.

Mike Exner III said...

I think you've trumped your Thor offering here, Dec. I agree 100% with Laura on the composition, and I must say the drawing is anything but shoddy. It's terrific.

Stephen Mooney said...

Sigh. I love this. Composition, execution, draftsmanship... all tippety-top.

Part of me is annoyed that i'm not as dedicated as you to doing these great extra-curricular pieces, but the rest of me is just so impressed that you're doing it so well.

Declan Shalvey said...

Sorry to disappoint yeh Mark!

Thanks Mike.

Thanks to you too Moondog for the in-depth analysis. Glad you think i'm doing a good job at these things. The whole point is to show off i quess, and at least i'm not showing off crappy drawings, in your view

JayKent said...

feckin deadly, nuff said