Tuesday, December 21, 2010


From the Marvel website....

Ever wanted to play the role of Luke Cage and pick which super villain has what it takes to earn a spot on the Thunderbolts? Here’s your chance!

THUNDERBOLTS writer Jeff Parker has begun preliminary evaluations on who should join the T-Bolts and he wants your help.

"Somehow we've gotten the idea that you readers have opinions on who would make a good Thunderbolt,” he says. “Remember a villain you want back in the spotlight? Then hit me! We're planning out next year and 2011 could have a lot more of your favorite heavy in it."

So i urge you all to cast a vote as it *may* affect me. Lets just say if you want to see me draw a certain Marvel villain, then here's your chance to suggest him.

Personally; I'm voting for Black Tom Cassidy. Yes; cuz he's Irish.

Vote here!



Emperor said...

I voted Elf with a Gun, because I'd like to see you draw... an elf with a gun.

Declan Shalvey said...

I think you should let that dream die...

Emperor said...

I'm starting a campaign!! Perhaps.