Monday, February 04, 2013


This Wednesday sees #31 of Venom hitting the stands. It's the start of a new, longer storyline by Cullen Bunn and myself on the book, and features the return of... well.... maybe you should just pick up the book and see. Below are some black and white pages, but click here to see the great colours by Lee Loughridge and letters by Joe Caramagna. Been working hard on this arc for a while now; I'm very happy to be tackling a more substantial story arc on this series and taking the book in new direction, with Cullen and co.

Also out this week is my first Marvel cover; WINTER SOLDIER #15, by myself and Jordie Bellaire. It's the start of a new direction for the series by writer Jason Latour and artist Nic Klein and I have to say, it's absolutely fantastic stuff and I'm delighted to be the cover artist for this storyline. I actually prefer this arc to the Brubaker issues, which is tough for me to say as I'm a huge Brubaker fan. See a preview for the issue here. See a preview for the issue and pick it up this week at your local comic shop speaking of which....

I'll be signing BOTH books this Wednesday at the Fearless Defenders launch at The Big Bang in Dundrum. Make sure you come along. With these two books of mine, the Megatron Spotlight by Nick Roch and Len O' Grady and Fearless Defenders with art by Will Sliney, it's a pretty big day for Irish comic creators in mainstream comics. See you on Wednesday!


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