Friday, September 21, 2007


I love having a silhouette panel here and there. From a new Freak Show page.



Alan (with one L) said...

that looks sooooo cool

Lorcy said...

alright declan, just bought my weekend pass to birgmingham. Do you have to buy tickets for the the opening event on the friday?

will hopefully have the phd mostly done by then, will bring up copies on disc in a pdf file for the craic,
might do some minicomics for it aswell.

looking forward to having some pints with bobbity bob and yourself


Unknown said...

Simple and smart piece Declan, beautiful!

What's this all about? said...

Love the old Silhouette technique.
Nice Dec.
And to anyone reading this, if you havn't already, check out Marco Roblin's blog some very nice stuff.