Sunday, December 21, 2008


Myself and my bud Will Sliney usually do a Superman/Batman jam piece once a year, with me drawing Batman and Will drawing Superman. Since he's in Canada this year, we did them separately. I did two to see which would match the Superman drawing he had already done. This is the second drawing i did; the first suited the jam piece better, where i like this sketch on its own. Check out the jam piece here.



Anonymous said...

Hello Declan,
this Batman sketch is really cool as the other one on Will's blog, but i have to say it's not a fair competition as batman is much more attractive than superman...i would have be some doubth between Batman and Spiderman, but Superman is hopeles....Not fair...anyway congratulations, the other Batman's pic is even more cool than that...You great!!
all the best

Stephen Mooney said...

Very nice. Your Batman stuff is consistently great.

Declan Shalvey said...

Eh ..thanks Erike.

Cheers Moon; always appreciate the Bat-compliments. Great seein' ya over the weekend by the way.