Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hey guys,

The store section of the Plain Sight videogame website is now online, so not only can you order a pretty cool Plain Sight t-shirt, but you can also order prints that i did the artwork for, like the 2 pieces below.....

Both pieces are £6 each. Get them now. For Christmas, or something like that.



g gfdg said...

You getting residuals for those prints?

Declan Shalvey said...

Heh. 'Residuals'.

Stephen Mooney said...

These are my favourite pieces of yours, like, ever.

Michael Grant Clark said...

Mr Declan, it was great having a chance to chat with you on Saturday at Mike's shop. Spent the whole weekend reading Frankenstein and loved it, massive bit of work that. Really looking forward to Sweeny Todd (in a year or so, hey I can wait).

Is it ok if I link you to me blog? Have a look if you like, it's got that Irish girl Josie I mentioned and some film stuff.