Thursday, April 02, 2009


Hi chums. Regular readers would remember this commission from late last year i did of Batman and his Rogues gallery.

Well, i'm finally getting around to giving it to my gracious benefactor but when i looked at it , it was looking a bit old and stale to me, especially considering the messier approach that's been creeping into my work of late. So, i decided to go in and add some greytone and splatter. I've been doing a lot of sketches with those tecniques over on the Eclectic Micks blog of late, and they've been getting a good reaction so they were worth trying out here.

Well, here's the finished piece; hope you like it Dave!



Stephen Mooney said...

Works fer me.
Go with it.

jon haward said...

the update works really well dec, i reckon your on to a winner there with the grey tone and splat attack.
a strong pin-up

Stephen Thompson said...

The updated version is a far stronger piece I think. It's amazing how different your stuff looks now though.

mge said...

Great style.


Kevin Mc Namara said...

the difference is insane the picture really pops now. Nice!

David Ferguson said...

Really happy with the update. Thanks Dec. Thanks for the DD too.

Gorman said...

Declan - howa it going?

That is the mytts nuts!