Saturday, August 29, 2009


Yep, 28 Days Later is finally out, so do go pick it up. While you can actually, as it's apparently sold out at Diamond Distribution. Which is nice to hear.

It's been quite a week; in fairness to Boom Studios, they've promoted the hell outta this book.

Well, aside from the selling-out thing, some other 28 Days Later related news;

I updated the Micks blog with a sketch of Selena as she appears in the book. Above is a detail of the black and white version. See it here.

The writer of the book, Michael Alan Nelson has a Newsarama interview and a video interview with Mark Waid on Comic book Resources.

Also, there's an interview with this guy *points to self* on Newsarama, where they hilariously interview the artist of the book, illustrate it with three seperate pieces of art... none of which by the actual artist interviewed. Whatta world.

Now that the book is out and all the promotion is done, i promise i'll stop harping on about it every two minutes. It's just been great to get a reaction (really positive one too) after a few months of not showing anybody anything.



David Ferguson said...

I picked up 2 copies (one for a zombie mad friend - the one you did that commission for). I went for the Bradsheet cover as we both lived his Punisher Max work. Congrats on the Selena likeness. You really got her look especially when things got nasty.

Nice interview. You've gotten me wondering about Ireland now too.

luke f said...

Picked this up today.
The colours are class.They really suit your work.

Good descision,leaving the background on the last page blank after the dark colours of the other pages.

I`d be verrrrrrry suprised if this doesn`t lead to more work in the U.S of A.

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks David. Truth be told, the likeness gets less specific in the next few issues. I kinda got more comfortable drawing her and relied less on the photo ref. Makes it look more consistent overall, i think. Glad you think I got it right at the start though. And really glad you liked the issue.

I actually much prefer the Phillips cover. Well, mainly cuz it's wraparound, but i've seen all the covers up to #6 and every time prefer his covers. I think it's because he's doing exactly what i'd like to do, if i was doing the covers; greywash with areas of solid red and white.

Luke; thanks for pickin it up man. Yeah, i think the colours are great; they 'enhance' the inks rather than overpower them, is probably the best and wankiest way to put it. That last page is prob my favourite. I prefer pages with braver decisions and that was my attempt to sack-up and try something bold. Really glad the colourist left it white too as that's what i was going for.