Monday, August 24, 2009


I had a day or so off last weekend after wrapping up #3 of 28 Days Later, so i did this sketch and made it up as a banner for the blog, as the previous image was from Tim Skinner, which i drew before i started Sweeney Todd even. So, new book; new banner.

Anyhoo, advance reviews of 28 Days Later #1 went online over the last few days. If you like, see what people think on Newsarama, Bleeding Cool, Comics Bulletin and From The Tomb Magazine. Overall they're really positive, which is pretty encouraging as I slog away on #4.

[UPDATE] Two new reviews went up today too. Guess this makes it Super-Ultimate-Review-Day. The new reviews are at Comic Related and The Outhouse.



Michael Grant Clark said...

You can't really get better reviews than that can you? That's excellent. Can't wait till they're on the shelves in Aberdeenland.

So, Punisher next for you then?? I'm telling you, it will come. Saying that, the current Goran one, in the Bayou, is freaking me out no end!

Will Sliney said...

Deacent like!

Stephen Mooney said...

Some fantastic reviews there Dec, congrats. Seems like Boom are really pushing the book, which is nice to see.

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks lads.

Yeah Michael, the reviews have been pretty favourable so far.... no one hating the artwork at least.

Will; that is the best Munster accent i've heard in ages.

Mooney; yeah, in fairness, Boom have been plugging the hell out of this first issue. I can't take a stroll around the net this week without tripping over something 28DL related. Which is great, like.

Michael Grant Clark said...

I know what you mean. Reviews can go either way. Sure the buying public will vote with their wallets though. It looks cracking.

Oh, that film of ours has been requested for the BAFTAs. Not sure if it will make the shortlist but it's worth a go. Just hearing the words 'fit are we gannie die noo' during the nominations will be worth it:)

luke f said...

I`m going to buy the FECK out of this!

Good shit,braw.

Declan Shalvey said...

Sound Lukester.

Wow, Michael; congrats! Best o' luck with it. Maybe someday you can make a movie based on my comic 28 Days Later.... oh.... wait....

Michael Grant Clark said...

Would you believe Mike forgot to reserve my copy of 28 Days later! They sold out the day they came in, so I've to wait for 2nd batch now.

Congrats on your major seller:)

Declan Shalvey said...

Argh! Sorry man! I wonder how many Mike got in. Great to hear it's selling tho.

Ah yeah, i'm sure there'll be a second printing soon.