Thursday, August 06, 2009

PEGBAR; This Saturday; 8th of August.

Sorry for the lack of posting of late. Some news though;

From the Pegbar blog;

"Pegbar is holding another one of its amazing events! But this time round we’ve got a whole day of talks from industry professionals.

There will be talks about the animation industry, the games industry, moving image, running small studios and making features. And we’ll finish the night off with our networking event.

So Pegbar will take place on the 8th of August, in Filmbase, 11am to 5pm.

There will be a workshop on making comic books for young artists in Filmbase 11am – 1pm

And then in the evening our ‘it’s a pegbar affair’, will be taking place in Murrays Bar, on O’Connell St, 8pm til late! Where there will be loads of cool animations playing and an enjoyable place for everyone to network.

There will be a colouring competition, to which the winners take home loads of Pegbar goodies"

I will be giving the talk mentioned above about making comics so if you're aged 12 - 17 do come along. More details to be had on the Pegbar blog.



Lisa said...

Aww, can I come too, maybe I can limbo under the age restrictions by putting my hair in pigtails.

There's probably loads of people from my college there, tell them Lisa sent you and get a free beer, or much more likely a blank stare.

Declan Shalvey said...

If you put your hair in pigtails to look younger you'd get a weird, creepy stare.... from me.

Stephen Mooney said...

He must be in there giving his talk right now! Let's chat about him while he's gone, he'll never know!