Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Sancho, the Eagle Award nominated comicbook, brought to you by the good folk at 20,000Leagues have a new issue out soon. Issue 4 to be specific, with a cover done by yours truly.

I drew this as a present actually, just wanted to do something for them cuz they're just genuinely nice fellas. I did't think they'd put it in an issue, never mind use as a cover!

So i'm very flattered they got it coloured and decided to use it as the cover for issue 4.

Big thanks to Alan and Ian!



Unknown said...

More Shalvey zombies! Very cool. Shall definitely pick up a copy of this in Bristol.

See you Saturday.


Bob Byrne said...

The size of that signature you wanker. Looks great bro.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the Eagle Award Dec! It's muchly deserved.

Maria said...

Well done Declan, great cover and congrats on Eagle Award