Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Hello all. Got back from Dublin yesterday. Lets just say i'm suffering now for all the fun i had this weekend.

Met up with Will Sliney on Friday night before the con for a good old catch-up session. He headed too the hotel bar, where organisers and guests of the show were all out. A surreal moment was when i saw John McCrea chase Jim Lee out of the room. It was funny to see all the old hands go nuts while us young newbies behaved ourselves.

After Will and i set up our table, we met Alan Nolan, who presented me with his new Sancho issue that a cover i had illustrated months ago, which was great. I'll post it during the week. I took a break from the table to attend the Breaking into Comics panel. The panelists were Stephen Mooney (CSI, Angel), Nick Roche (Transformers, Doctor Who), CB. Cebulski (Marvel's The Loners), and Stephen Thompson(Star Wars, Star Trek). It was a really interesting panel and everyone had some great points, especially C.B., who gave some great advice to artists/writers who are looking to make a name for themselves in the biz.

C.B Cebulski and Nick Roche at Saturday's panel.

During the day i did some sketches, sold a few comics, and showed some Frankenstein preview pages to folk. I'm happy to say everyone seemed to like my work on the book so far.

Stephen Mooney and Stephen Thompson seemed to get some well-deserved props over the weekend. Here's Mooney doing a sketch for a fan. Thompson was doing some kick-ass sketches as usual. Thompson. I hate that guy. Mooney too.

Got a Jim Lee sketch! That was not only a highlight of the weekend, but a highlight of my life. As i said in the Birminham post, i don't geek out over artists much anymore, but Jim Lee....? Geeking compulsory. I should rellay scan that sketch....

I don't have any photos of it, but i was a panelist on Sunday's Irish Comics panel, along with Will Sliney, Alan Nolan, Gar Cummins and Pádraig O Méalóid. Was really fun, although i was just crcking jokes the whole time. I don't think i had any insightful advice for anyone. I was happy to take part, as there really is a lot of irish comics coming out these days, and was worth discussing.

Did some decent sketches myself, this being one of them.

Jackie, Setphen Mooney, Lisa Jackson, Dave, Stephen Thompson, C.B. Cebulski, my empty chair, Jamie, Sinead, Marney and Will Sliney after the con on Sunday.

Bespeckled Irish Comic Creators Nick Roche and Me.

The ineviable face-off. It's been established that myself and Will are the Thompson/Mooney for a new generation, seeing as myself and Thompson are similar characters, as are Will and Mooney. Here, we face off. The winner? Undecided. I'm rooting for the Shalvey/Thompson team, but i may be biased.

Thompson laughing when finding out that Mooney is a big fan of 'The big guy upstairs'. Thats Jesus, to you kids.

The gang. Lisa Jackson, myself, Jackie, Mooney, Will, C.B., and two people i don't know.

Below: Thompson.

Two more people i don't know, guest of the show Jock and organiser of the show, John Hendrick.

Sound man! C.B. gets a round in.

Myself and show organiser Dave Hendrick.

C.B. Cebulski and myself. Note how we both look off-camera like in those crappy TV shows when a character takes a photo of other characters. I hate it when they do that! Anyway, i'm veering off the point. The point is ....uh ....C.B. was sound, or something.

In summary, it was a great con.. It was great to come home to the city of my birth and attend a really impressive show, inlike having to go to the UK for one, as i've always had to do in the past.

I guess i'd just like to say thanks to everyone who said hello, bought a comic or asked for a sketch over the weekend. I hope ye had a good a time as i did.



Rich said...

Sounds like you had another great Con Dec. I went to a couple of panels where CB was talking, he's a very nice and funny guy. Must of been great having a few pints with him, sorry I missed it. Again, loved your Frankenstein pages, it's realy coming along.

Stephen Mooney said...

Great photos Shalev! I really like the one where you/Thompson are facin off with me and Williards. We'll hafta stick that into 'Eclectic Micks'

David Ferguson said...

Went to a few CB panels as well.

He was a sound guy.

Was great to hear a couple of exlusives at Pint O' Joe too and great to see some artists I know getting called back by CB.

Will Sliney said...

You were born in Dublin!!! Jeasus I always knew you stank Dec. Seriously though, fecking great weekend. Honestly it makes me wosh i got to be up there more often hanging out with you guys. Except you Dec, I see you all the feckin time

Declan Shalvey said...

I know. I saw less of you when i lived in Ireland.

Cheers Dave, missed the pint o' Joe panel, but i heard the exclusives after. Twas great to have some irish-exclusives alright. Both announcements were right up my alley.

I really love the face-off photo myself, shame it was taken with a crappy camera. It's DEFINATELY going into Eclectic Micks.

teehanwolf said...

First time here Dec, well impressed (especially the spider-man). You'd probably beat up mooney easy! Oh and its "Sinead"...

Unknown said...

Gorgeous Spidey sketch, Dec.

Dublin Con sounds great - I'd love to go next year.

Declan Shalvey said...

Ah cheers Jamie, thanks for checkin out the blog. y'all come back now, y'hear?

I owe you a sketch, too.

Hey Andy, thanks. Yeah it was a blast. You should definately look into it next year.

Unknown said...

It was great to see you as ever. Frankenstein looks amazing. Sorry we didn't go back on the Sunday but spent the day pissing around the city. Got some great photos. See you at Bristol next year…

Lucifal said...

For some reason none of the photos appear in my browser. :(

Declan Shalvey said...

Chhers Joel!

Lucifal, sorry bout that. All pics should be visab;e now.


A Brief History said...

Greetings Mr Shalev,

You've pretty much said it all about the Con. Thanks again for making a newbie like myself feel welcome...it was fun. I've taken your advice and am using thumbnails before just launching into a page with blind abandon...looking forward to the next Con, and of course can't wait for 'Stein in '08! Got my rag in the shops too. Nice.