Friday, November 02, 2007


Doing some much-needed Freak Show work. Two cons within a month meant i had to concentrate on Frankenstein in October, so trying to pick up the pace on Freak Show a bit.

Also, just saw a funny post on Bob Byrne's site about Rob Liefield. Check it out here.



Kim Roberts said...

Work work worrk!

[rant]And ugh. Rob Liefeld.... He notorious for copying / yoinking compositions and well as his terrible anatomy and lack of facial expressions. Just plain using other people's panels and redrawing them into his own work. It's terrible. He also doesn't seem to understand how to use references properly.

Here's a link :D

He can't draw feet even when he's using other peoples work to go off. Grr grr grrrr!![/rant]

So yes, he's not my favorite person in the industry :)

Declan Shalvey said...

Hey Kim, sound for the link.

Yeah, he's the swipe-master alright.

It used to really bug me that he was so successful when his talent was very much in doubt, but i remember picking up an issue of X-Force he did a year or so ago, and i had to just laugh at how he avoided drawing feet in EVERY panel. So i just get amusement out of it.

Also, it's easy to have a go at him; he's the poster-boy for such behaviour, but there's plenty of lack-luster artists out there who are incredibly popular. THAT bugs me. People look back at Liefeld's work and go 'tut-tut', but there's plenty of it going on today.


luke f said...

yeah,like declan shalvey!:)
nah i`m kidding
but i`ve never been a big fan of the kind of work that went on at image anyway but if people like his stuff then fairplay to him.he`s making a living
though i find what he said about alan moore(i read it a few hours ago...)a bit bigheaded from someone whose main source of income is drawing shite feet...

Declan Shalvey said...

Or not drawing feet at all as the case may be.

To be fair, I think Liefeld makes some valid points, but he's someone who has pretty much been the poster boy for all that's wrong with the meduim, whereas Moore is a creator who has hepled make the medium be now recognised as an art form.