Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Hey all, here's some of the sketches i did at the Liffey Valley VUE cinema over the weekend. Some of them are just generic poses, but i tried to make some of them a bit more relevant to the movie itself. I meant to photograph all of them, but only ended up taking photos of half of them. If anyone who sees this has a sketch, if possible could they scan it and mail it to me? I was pretty happy with most of them.

Two-Face. After seeing the movie the night before, this was the best that i could remember how he looked. I've seen it again since, and i've noticed a couple of things i got wrong, but it's still pretty close.

This was my pass at the scene of the fallout of the Joker's bombs. Really like this one.

Not really specific to the movie, this one. Someone specifically asked for Batman on a rooftop. It's your 10 Euros buddy, you got it.

I must have drawn 4 versions of this image. I didn't want to repeat any drawings as i generally feel that your first pass at a drawing is usually the best. When repeated, the drawing becomes stale. Still, lots o' folk really liked this image and wanted one just like it. Like i said in the last post, the ladies love the Heath Ledger Joker.

Strangely enough, this Joker looks more like me than Heath Ledger.

The classic Batman vs Joker headshot. After i took the photo i added shadow under Batman's nose; i think it needed it.

This is probably my favourite sketch of the weekend. It just turned out exactly like i wanted it to. Really wish i had a proper scan of this rather than this blurry photo.

Two-Face with Batman lurking in the background. Nuff said.



Unknown said...

Amazing stuff Dec, did anyone ask for a Scarecrow one?

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks man.

No, no one asked for a Scarecrow actually. Someone did ask for a Poison Ivy though.


aris said...

Wow Brother. These are graphically and visually stunning.

You amazed with these sir.