Thursday, October 02, 2008


Yeah, yet another sample page. Enjoy.

Right, that's it from me for a few days. I'm off to the Birmingham International Comics Show in the morning for what looks to be a bloody great weekend for all involved.

Also, there's this Frankenstein book that'll be out at the con. You may have heard me mention it before.

See ya there ....or not.



Rich said...
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Rich said...

Hey don't stop with the sample pages man some of us are enjoying them.
Have fun in Birmingham, wish I could be there for the Frankenstein launch.
Oh well see ya at the Dublin Con in Nov.

Stephen Mooney said...

Nice page! I especially like the sign in the alley you lick.

Declan Shalvey said...

Thompson really helped me out with some last-minute printing so i owed him. Decided to immortalize him in an image that will never be published or seen by anyone else; it was the least i could do.

If i really was a lick, i wouldn't have told all the girls about my numbers system.

Stephen Mooney said...

Hm, yeah, I'm gonna give you that one.

Anonymous said...

yeah more ass shots lol

really liking all the sample nightwing pages [he is my fav DC character] One issue with the last panel, the line from the bullet at the very bottom, catwoman's foot is resting right on it creating a tangent and the shape of her pose it looks like she's running out along the shape rather jumping out.