Monday, October 27, 2008


Recently finished a new poster for the Plain Sight video game. The crowd at Beatnik Games were looking for a poster to promote the game at this weeks Eurogamer Expo.

Here's the inks too. I moved away from the black/white/red colour scheme i had been using for this piece, as i saw some new footage of the game online (It looks great, take a look here) and thought it would be a shame to ignore the great look the game has. So in incorporated more of the game's landscape and varying colours, without actually duplicating it.

Hope it works!



Will Sliney said...

Great work Dec. really enjoying these pics

nicedaydesigns said...

It looks really great, and siuts the game very well

Anonymous said...

Hello Declan,
that one is REALLY great
i totally agree with the other
all the best

Stephen Mooney said...

Excellent stuff Dec, really. I'm loving these 'Plain Sight' pics. You're knocking them outta the park.

luke f said...

Is it going to be on general release or whaaaaa?
It looks like a pretty bitching game.

Lisa said...

Really nice. Robots really work in your style, I wouldn't have guessed it. You should draw more robots.

Great colours too.

Declan Shalvey said...

Hey, thanks guys.

Yeah, the work i've been doing for this game has been some of my best.... and it isn't even comics!


Luke, i assume so, it's gonna be on Xbox and PC, so i assume it'll be on general release, though to be fair, i don't know for sure.

Hey Lisa, yeah, it was a surprise for me too!


Stephen Thompson said...

You should do a Bender pic, see if you can do any better than Parlov.

Declan Shalvey said...

Maybe i will Thompson....
maybe i will......