Saturday, October 25, 2008


Here are the banners i did that didn't end up being used. I like the red one.



Anonymous said...

Hello Declan,
before writing this comment, I saw the site .... I finally understood what it is!
the current image of the site is really beautiful, moreover it mainly fills the whole screen (looks totally different)
then the first, second and last of the previous post are what I like more, and I must say, the red background should not be good ...
you are a genius the same, but I am concerned that you write the post at 2 am, insomniac or worckaholic!? hope none of these!!
all the best

luke f said...

Hey,Declan Shalevevev
I saw the free anthology yoke yesterday.Lovely printjob.

shame about that incompetent hack doing the cover,whoever he was....

Declan Shalvey said...

Hey Erika, thanks.

I can be a bit of a night-owl, so that explains the 2am post. I don't work too hard and i sleep just fine.

Hey Lukeydukey,

Aw, is it out? Must get my hands on a copy. Curious to see how the colours came out.

I never said i wasn't a hack.