Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Eagle-eyed viewers might notice i changed the figure on the left in panel 3. He was oddly leaning off to the side, so i fixed that in the inks.

Oh, and i came across another Frankenstein review here.



Salvo said...

They should publish this in black and white. Lovely work. The layouts on these ST pages are top drawer.

Michael Grant Clark said...

Nice review. The idea of quick text still scares the buttocks off me though. Is there a quick text Hamlet in the series?

'Oi Hamlet I'm yer dead dad'.
'I ain't fraid of no ghost'! - and then his sister went mental.
The End.

Anonymous said...

hello Declan,
i haven't any connection for long time, looks like i've lost lots of relly good stuff...i relly missed it but now here i am to bother you as usual!
Sweeney todd looks amazing and i agree with Salvo and Stephen thompson your black and white is perfect and just flat colour suit your style!
oh i've found your David Mazzucchelli that drew "Batman year one" written by Frank Miller, his artwork relly remind me of you (and they use flat colour just like your Tim Skinner!), go to have a look, even if you are better than him!
wish you all the best
ps: i dreamed about you, we where a group of spy and i had the role of the Pope and we have to find which of ours other comrades was a double spy but there were a great storm so we start to stolen public phones and the dream ends...i really miss your blog!!

Declan Shalvey said...

Hey guys, thanks a lot. A few people have said to me they'd like to see he book published in black and white, which is a huge compliment when most people seem to only be interested in colour comics.

Nice summary of Hamlet, Michael. In fairness, the Quick Text versions are being well received by those who find the original text versions a bit intimidating.

Hey Erika, welcome back. Thanks for the comparison to David Mazzuchelli; i'm a HUGE fan. Batman Year One is my favourite comic ever. There is absolutely no way i'm better than him though. No way. Absolutely no way. None.

By the way, you might not want to eat sweets before you go to bed; might explain those mad dreams of yours.


Michael Grant Clark said...

You're right about the quick text of course. Ye olde text is a barrier to reading some of the classics if you're not used to it. But I am very old! I may give one a go, if I like it I'll blame you.

I'll avoid cheese at night as well, in case I have that A-team dream again!

Stephen Mooney said...

Great page Dec, lovely mood.
Nice clear storytelling as usual.
I think Im gonna get you to do me a sketch of a tall ship next con.

Anonymous said...

Yep,and I`m gonna get you to do me a truly obscure character you`ve never drawn before on a tall ship.
And a giant,detailed gun.