Monday, February 18, 2008


Noticed a couple of days ago that the nominations form for the Eagle Awards was up. Man, i remember this time last year, i was in Cork drawing at Will Sliney's house when i saw the list. And there it was; Hero Killers. I couldn't believe someone actually had voted for the book. Little did i know it'd go to make it through to the nominations list, and eventually win.
So, this year, i'm gonna vote for the little guy, as last year, Hero Killers was the little guy in question. At the awards last year, it was a shame to see most of the awards go to big-name American creators who weren't even attending. Someone told me lots of people were happy to see Andy Winter and myself accept the award, as we were one of the few winners to actually attend the event. So, in most cases, i'm gonna vote for more British creators.
I urge all who read this blog to vote for Bob Byrne as Favourite Writer/Artist. Everyone will probably vote for Frank Miller in this catagory, not to diss Mr. Miller at all, but the guy has gotten a lot of accolades over his career. Give the Eagle to an up-and-commer, i beg of you. This really has been Bob's year; With The Shiznit #4 out, his Twisted Tales for 2000AD, and opus; Mr. Amperduke all out within a year, he deserves to get some props. I noticed his name in the nominations form, and by god, THAT'S who i'll vote for.
(I also noticed there was some young fella by the name of Declan Shalvey in the nominations form for Favourite Newcomer Artist. I was very flattered that at least one person had already voted for me. Thanks, whoever you are, i appreciated it!)

So go forth and vote, gentle reader, and get your friends to vote, too!




Stephen Mooney said...

Hell yes, vote fer Bob. And for Dec too goddammit. Hmmm, I'd probly be better off gettin ye some votes from my own blog... right off to do that so

Unknown said...

And if people wanted to nominate BLOOD PSI in the "Best Black and White Comicbook: British" section I certainly wouldn't complain.

jamie said...

funnily enough,i already have.
and please vote james redington for the role of honour or whatever it is called this year...
outstanding contribution,i think.

Bob Byrne said...

You forgot that rag 'Your Round'