Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Best Newcomer Writer: SIMON SPURRIER

While Si is pretty established as far as 2000AD fans are concerned, outside of that circle, he may not be as well known, that's why he gets my vote. Si has had a huge break with his Silver Surfer; In Thy Name mini series for Marvel. I was chuffed to hear Si had landed the gig. Couldn't go to a nicer guy.

Best Newcomer Artist: KEITH BURNS

As tempted as i was to vote for myself (seeing as someone had alredy nominated me...), I had to support Keith, who drew Blood Psi for Andy Winter. Plus, he's from Ireland, so he deserves a vote, just for that.

Best Writer: ED BRUBAKER

It's no secret i love this man's writing. As you see more of my nominations, you might notice this.

Best Writer/Artist: BOB BYRNE

What can i say about this guy that hasn't already been said about Afganistan? He's bombed up and depleted. Ah just kidding, like i said in the last post, this is Bob's year, and i really hope he at least gets a nomination for this.

Best Penciller: RUFUS DAYGLO

Aside from being a top bloke, i was lucky enough to see Rufus' pencilled pages at the recent Hi-Ex con in Inverness. I really like his approach to storytelling, with a keen eye on design. That kind of work interests me more than a tightly-rendered pencil drawing.


Not a UK boy (actually, i don't know where he's from), but again, i really like this artist's approach to inks. Loose and textured, his inks add great atmosphere to Michael Lark's pencils on Daredevil.

Best Fully Painted Artwork: ESAD RIBIC

Have you seen this guy's work? I've seen simple line-drawings he's done, and they're amazing.

Best Colourist: LEN O' GRADY

Surprised i had to add Len's name to this list. Along with doing great colour work in 2000AD, Len's belting out great colours on his many IDW books. Plus, he's Irish. Let's see the award go to a Limerick-man!

Best Editor: CHRIS RYALL

Last year i voted for Matt Smith, who quite deservedly won, but this year i'm going for Chris Ryall. He's really going all out there with IDW, with his Angel and Star Trek books, but aside from that, he's employing not one, not two, not three, but FOUR irish lads. See a running trend here? If you're Irish i'll vote for you.

Best Publisher: IMAGE

Admittedly, Marvel are knocking it out of the park these days with top creators on top books. Dark Horse too, are bringing out some of my favourite books, but i voted for Image. Image really is where some great, original stories are being published and by god, that's a cause i'll support.

Fav American Colour Comic: CRIMINAL

Love this book. Love the story. Love the art. Nuff said.

Fav UK Colour Comic: 2000AD

2000AD can be tricky. There's some stuff in there i really don't like, but there's some really great stuff too. All in all, it's the best UK colour book i've read, so voted for it, i did (in Yoda voice)


Have you read this book? Freakin' unbelievable. Without a doubt, the most compelling book on the stands these days.


Arrrgh! This was a tough one, as i really wanted to vote for PJ Holden's PREVIOUSLY (Sorry PJ!) but, i had to support Andy's Hero Killers follow up. A really, really great vampire story, that's recieved rave reviews. Oh yeah, i also did the cover for it. I urge you to vote for either book. They're both great.

Fav New Comicbook: TANK GIRL - THE GIFTING

Great book By Alan C. Martin, Ashley Wood and Rufus Dayglo.

Fav Comics Story: CRIMINAL 6-10 (LAWLESS)

See 'Fav Writer'. Second arc of the series, and the best so far, in my humble opinion.

Fav Original Graphic Novel: SILVERFISH

Great noir thriller by David Lapham.

Fav Reprint Collection: CRIMINAL: COWARD

See 'Fav Writer' (again)


Captain America is another great book by Brubaker, but what he did with the Bucky character in the last year or so has been a fantastic read.

Fav Comics Villain: BARRACUDA

Loved the recent Barracuda run in Punisher, and his own mini-series. Great villain.

Fav Magazine: DRAW!/WRITE NOW

I don't get to read thse as much as i'd like, but when i do get my hands on them i read every inch of them.

Fav Comics Related book: PANEL DISCUSSIONS

Great book that interviews Scott Hampton, Mark Chiarello, Mike Mignola, Brian Stelfreeze,etc. A fantastic read for us artistic type, or any student of sequential storytelling.

Fav Comics Related website: INDIEREVIEW

A site dedicated to UK small press/indie books. They've been very supportive of Hero Killers, so the least i can do is send them a vote their way


I'd like to nominate Steve Gerber, but to be fair, i've never read any of his work. James Redington however, i was fortunate enough to know. Again, a great supporter of Hero Killers (and small press books in general), James was at all the cons, supporting his own books and others too. He wrote the first interview i ever did and i was so grateful for his efforts to spread the word about our little book. He died tragically at a very youg age in mid '08 and the least i could do for him is to nominate him for the Roll of Honour.

So, there it is. Agree with me? Disagree? Tough. I've already voted, so there's nothin' you can do about it! Right, there's a lot of talk on this artblog recently, i'll post a whole Frankenstein page soon, to make up for it.



Stephen Mooney said...

How do you find the time to write these opuses(opi?)Man, it would seriously take me like an hour just to TYPE that thing, let alone concieve it. Damned stubby fingers. Great post though, and I voted for many of the same nominees. Plus you.

Unknown said...

Some great choices in there, Dec. While I'd love to win another Eagle, the thing I'd like even more than that is for James Redington to be honoured. Steve Gerber was a legend (Howard The Duck and The Defenders are two of my all-time favourite comics) but James was one of our own and cut down at an outrageously young age. It would be a fitting tribute for him to be named on the Roll Of Honour and for his family to be there to pick up the award on his behalf. I'm going to contact some people and see if I can get as many people as possible to vote for him.

jamie said...

way ahead of you andy,on that one.
i know it could be seen as rigging but it'll be a fucking disgrace if james doesn't get that award,not cos he died tragically so young,but cos he would have got a shitload of eagle awards and many others if he'd gone on to do what he intended.
oscars,be damned and all.
god bless him,xxx

Bob Byrne said...

didnt know Kieth was Irish. Wheres he from? Better not be from wherever I'm from

Anonymous said...

stefano gaudiano is italian but lives in the u.s.a. he is a great one, not just an inker but a complete artist...