Friday, February 01, 2008


This weekend is Hi-Ex! The Highland International Comic Expo, which i'm a guest at, along with established talent such as David Lloyd, Jock, Alan Grant, Gary Erskine and Rufus Dayglo. So, i'm off for the weekend. See you again next week.

IF you happen to be in Inverness this weekend, do drop by, i'll be sketching away and whatnot. I'll also be on a couple of panels over the weekend. They are...

The 'Indie Comics'panel at 14:00 on Saturday, and at 15:00 on Sunday, i'll be on the 'Future of British Comics' panel. See the Hi-Ex website for more details. Hope to see ya there.




Alan (with one L) said...

god damn snow stopped us going

lenbot said...

Thankfully the snow didnt hold me back - I was there (with the Dennis and the Superman), had a cracking time! Well done Inverness, hope it gets bigger and better next year!
Hope you enjoyed being there, meeting the fans generally getting to be around people who love what you do!!