Friday, February 22, 2008


I promised to show a whole Frankenstein page, so thought i'd show i did it from start to finish.

Once i very roughly thumbnail how i'll arrange my panels, i do my layout page. It's not huge; but not tiny either; about 6X4 inches. It lets me work out the composition of the page, arrange where everything is placed, figure out some details without having to actually draw them all, and also decide where my blacks will be. This makes the process of pencilling much easier for me. I find it easier to achieve more gestural spontaneous-looking drawing in a smaller area.

I'll post the pencils tomorrow.



jamie said...

i guess you'll be answering this next question...
how big are your actual pages,as you pencil/ink them?

Anonymous said...

Iv seen that page, its like totally awesome

Stephen Mooney said...

Love the little shot of the docyor in the shadows holding his axe