Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Been reading a lot of BPRD recently. I love how Guy Davis' take on Abe Sapien is so different to Mignola's. Made me want to try do my own take of him. Hence, the above.



jamie said...

and almost just in time for the new hellboy film.
i bet you do a great johann krauss...?

Bob Byrne said...

I do it better though. Love it. You read Garden of Souls? Made me want draw to breaka breaka dawn yall.

Stephen Mooney said...

Great little drawing Dec. Abe is indeed my favourite character also. Hell of a design.

Declan Shalvey said...

Cheers Jamie, i'll get right on that! Might try and have a stab (no Limerick jibes) at the other characters.

Bob, yeah that was a great story with some great characterization. Loved it. Really liked Garden of Souls too, cuz of the antiquated rickity robots. Deadly.


Rich said...

Nice one Dec, Abe is such a simple but well designed character, one of my favourites. Bring on the rest of BPRD!