Monday, April 07, 2008

ON THE WINGS OF ..............AN EAGLE.....?

Or should that be 'On the Wings of a Dove'?

Anyhoo, found out last night that i've been nominated all proper for Favourite Newcomer Artist at this years Eagle Awards. Safe to say, i woke up this mornin' and thought i'd imagined it! Anyone who frequents this blog is probably aware my first comic Hero Killers won the Eagle Award last year. Although i didn't expect it to win, i did realise it was possible; being a team effort between Andy Winter and myself. God knows i got onto everyone i knew and i even asked old school/college friends to vote for me. This year, i heard someone had nominated me i was very flattered, but there was no way i thought that me, specifically, would make it through to the final nomination process, so i didn't bother to track down everyone i knew to vote me into the nominations list. Hence why today i'm so surprised it did in-fact happen!

In all honestly, the other guys in the same category are by far, way more talented artists than i am (i'm a big fan of Cliff Chiang's and David Aja's work especially). So although i'm not going to tell you not to vote for me, i can tell you that if you do vote for me, you are wrong!

However, you would be very wise to vote for the following folk:

BOB BYRNE: As pleased as i was to see my name on the list, i way overjoyed to see my homoerotic life-partner Bob Byrne was up for Favourite Writer/Artist. Bob has been doing great work for years with Mbleh and The Shiznit and recently has been doing knockout work in 2000AD with his Twisted Tales and his own fantastic graphic novel Mr. Amperduke. I couldn't be happier for Bob, and by god, he's up against some stiff competition (no gay jokes for once!)

: This talented gentleman has been nominated many times but never won. Give him the Favourite Newcomer Writer award and then we can give someone else a chance next year.

: Gary's been nominated for Favourite Comics Artist Inks. If you've seen his work, you know how immaculately rendered Gary's inks are, and definitely deserves the award.

: My main man Matt has been nominated for Favourite Colourist. It's absolutely well deserved; the guy's a genius with colour, has worked on some of my all-time favourite books and is a swell guy to boot)

: This Irish comic is up for Favourite European Comic for a second year in a row (congrats guys!)

CHRIS RYALL: As i said in a previous post, this guy has hired half of Ireland so deserves Favourite Editor just for that! Also, IDW are getting some great books out of late, and it's all due to the good work of this fella.

So, go vote for them ......and well, maybe me ......if you really want to.

Eagle Award Nominations List



Unknown said...

Good on yer Dec – really happy for you!

Stephen Mooney said...

Self-deprecation. Good strategy, will yield results. If it ain't broke...

Alma Ryan said...

Well done! Go on yer good thing!

Anonymous said...

have of course voted for yourself, Bob and Sancho - I'm sharing my table with Al Nolan for the con and I really hope he wins as it will give something else to talk about other then bloody babies.

And everyone vote Dr. McNinja for fav webcomic [Chris is a friend of mine but ignoring that its a bloody good comic]

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks guys!

Moondog, it ain't self-deprecation if it's actually true.

Cliodhna, cheers for the vote! The least i can do is give your mates a vote; of course i'll check out their comic too.

Stephen Mooney said...

Yeah I know, I'm just joshin ye. You of course have my vote and as many illegitimate ones as I can get away with.

David Ferguson said...

vote early and vote often lol