Thursday, April 10, 2008


Recently found that some coloured sample pages from Frankenstein are up on the Classical Comics website so i thought i'd show 'em here. These are two of my favourites so far.

Linework by me, colours by Jason Cardy and Kat Nicholson.

It's a really strange experience; seeing someone else colour my work for the first time, especially as i've been doing nothing but black and white books up till now. Also, i'm on my last set of Frankenstein pages, so ive gotten really used to the black and white pages. But i must say, i'm really happy with how these are coming out. Jason and Kat are doing a really great job. The finished product is gonna be a really lush looking book. I've seen a lot more pages, and they look great. If you'd like to see more, head on over to the Classical Comics site.

Thanks to Rich for the heads up.



Rich said...

I love your black and white pages Dec and was a bit worried about some one colouring them, but I gotta say they did a great job on them. I think you'll have the best looking book from Classical.

Stephen Mooney said...

I agree with Rich, this is definitely the best stuff I've seen from Classical, of course the subject matter helps too. I think the coloured pages are well done, and very effective, although I gotta be honest; I prefer the B+W. But then, I always do... Insider info: Dec drew these in my studio. Good times.

luke f said...

i was afraid they`d mess up the colouring and it would turn out like the nasty coloured strontinum dog stuff in 2000ad.
but they`ve done a deadly job!
so how many pages do you have til it`s finished?

Bob Byrne said...

My sphincter has been clenched for over a year waiting to see how they treat your lineart. Happy with it although I still say there will be 3 lens flares in the book. Ah no my sphincter won't close now, Gosh!

Anonymous said...

have to say I preferred your black and white but I think thats just me - I like very strong graphic black and white pages and your inks are especially nice. Still always a nice felling to see how other people colour your work - this must be close to print now, will you have copies for Bristol?

Declan Shalvey said...

Hey guys,

Rich, YOU were worried about someone colouring them? I was terrified! There's a million ways bad colouring can ruin line-art, and i didn't know who was definitely colouring the book 'til recently, so had no idea what to expect for most of the time i was working on it. Glad you think it holds up well with the other Classical books.

Steve, yeah i prefer it in black and white myself, but that's just cuz that was how i finished them. I like that the colour has added to the pages, rather than taken away. Oh, and i drew the slash page in your studio, the other page was done here in Aberdeen.

Luke, i'm finishing all the pencils today, leaving me 11 pages left to ink. It'll be done by the end of the month.

Bob, Your sphincter not closing has nothing to do with this book; it's due to all those 'nightspots' you frequent. But yeah, it's been quite a wait to see the finished pages.

Cliodhna, i'm also a big fan of strong graphic b+w pages, hence why i feared the colour, but all that lightning and stuff looks far more spectacular in colour. I was happy with the inks and that was the important thing. Thankfully, the colours are looking great, which makes me look better.

The books isn't due for release til September at the earliest i'm afraid. I know Classical will have a brochure featuring some art from their future books at Bristol, and some Frankie art is featured in it.

Thanks again guys!