Saturday, April 12, 2008


Myself and the always 'gentlemanly' Bob Byrne will be on Ireland's Newstalk Radio this Monday (the 14th) at 11am. We've been asked to contribute on the subject of 'Superheroes in Movies'. Not sure who else is on it. I've been asked since i drew a superhero book (Hero Killers) and Bob's on because well, he's a attention-grabbing whore who'll do anything for a quick buck.

Have a listen. I'm sure it'll at least be a laugh. If you're not in Ireland, you can listen to it on the Net here.



luke f said...

sounds deadly but when it`s on i`ll be in school.argghh!

Stephen Mooney said...

Would. Not. Miss. It.
What the hell age are you Luke?!

luke f said...

i`m 4 and a half.
but seriously i`m only 13

jamie said...

andy winter was on the radio a while ago,plugging hero killers and generally talking up comics.
he was great.
honest,he was...

Lorcy said...

what happened young bob could he not do it in the end? Was a good craic to do this morning, I was on the sean mongrief show last year thanking about similar stuff and he just kept asking 'waht sort of job i could get with a phd on superhero movies?' like a granny.