Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Well, since the last BPRD sketch went down so well, here's another one; this time Johann Kraus. I could just post the sketches in black and white, but i kinda like adding a bit of colour to them; i reckon the blog could do with a bit of colour here and there.

Thanks again for all the well wishes with the Eagle nomination by the way, it's greatly appreciated.

Hope ye like the sketch!



Rich said...

This is a great sketch Dec, your style really suites these type of characters.
Enjoy the New York Con by the way. I'll see you in Bristol.

Will Sliney said...

This flat colouring your doing is great Dec, much nicer than what you had before

Rich said...

Just saw on the Classical Comics site some coloured Frankenstein pages, they did a great job they look brilliant.

jamie said...

that is an excellent pic!
how did you colour it?

Stephen Mooney said...

Another winner Decland. Really channeling the Davis. Would LOVE to see some sequentials featuring these guys

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks fellas!

Will, yeah, the less-is-more approach seems to be working for me.

Rich, are the colours up? Reckon I'll post some here so.

Glad you like Jamie, you're the one who asked for it.

God, I'd love to try some sequentials. If I only had the time....