Sunday, August 12, 2007


Hey kiddies.

Right, close mates know all about this already, but, y'know, i don't have a lot of close mates, so this post is for the rest of ye.

For the last few months i've been doing some extra work in an attempt to get a new job. Not an easy task, when also drawing Freak Show every day, but it seems to have worked out in the end. Now, i've hinted to side projects a few times on this blog. Some have developed, some haven't. But this is not one of them. I haven't hinted to this job once for fear of it falling apart and blowing up in my face.

I've just been hired to illustrate a graphic novel. It's an adaptation of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. Yep, Frankenstein. The proper one. No futuristic crazy gun toting Frankenstein, this is the original, misunderstood creature. It's part of a series of graphic novels coming out from Classical Comics. They've other books coming out, such as Macbeth, Great Expectations and Romeo and Juliet by other artists like Jon Haward, John M Burns and Gary Erksine. What can I say? I'm thrilled to be working on a project that puts me in such esteemed company. For this book i have an editor, an art director, a colourist and everything! The script is adapted by writer Jason Cobley, writer of Bulldog Empire
Here's one of the finished pages i've done so far.

So, that means i've 4 different projects on the go:

The Frankenstein graphic novel,
The Freak Show Volume 2 series, with writer Rod Curley
A project called Tim Skinner: Total Scumbag, with writer Andy Winter
And my self published project Your Round, (with anyone who'll pitch in)

So i'm going to be a verrrry busy bunny.....

Not that i wasn't before, but now, i'll be even busier.



Rich said...

You lucky sonofabitch.
Congratulations man, I'm happy for you even if I am jealous. The pg looks great, look forward to checking it out when it's done.

Domestic Goddess ... Wannabe! said...

Oh my God! How Bad!?
I even recognise those names!

Stephen Mooney said...

Couldn't have happened to a nicer fella. 'Less it was jesus. GREAT page.

Anonymous said...

Congrats man, i always said you had a gift for fiction & sure everyone needs a hobby !


Will Sliney said...

Wooo, His name is Declan.. He is a legend.. (Though not quite as much a legend as the mighty Will Sliney!!)

Alan (with one L) said...

These look great (as did the roughs) and Jon is a real nice guy so I hope he is good to work with.

Anonymous said...

if i had to choose one project,it would be batman... or superman.
or judge dredd.
i wouldn't touch a frankenstein book with a fucking giant barge-pole sized pencil,after berni wrightson.
you've got balls the size of a small moon,or a space station.
but,here's the thing... judging by that one piece of art,you're going to do a fucking great job,mate!

Anonymous said...

just seen some more pages on the main website.
berni who?

Craig Zablo said...

Busy is good... at least for us fans!

Declan Shalvey said...

The only guy i know nicer than Jesus is you Steve!

Sean, how about an ascociate producer credit?

I may not be as mighty as Will Sliney, but i'm certainly more modest!

Eh, jamie, my balls are ...uh ...average. I appreciate what you think of the pages, but my work isn't a patch on Wrightson. I'm just gonna try do the best job i can.
(Maybe someday i'll get to do Batman or Superman)

Thanks Craig, i'm glad someone will be happy that i'll be so tired for the next few months!


Stephen Mooney said...

Stephen Mooney - Nicer Than Jesus

Bob Byrne said...

Love that background Boyeeee

Mike Exner III said...

Congrats, Dec. So glad to see you leaving your mark in the 'biz.