Sunday, August 19, 2007


Right so, here we go. I sat down yesterday with the Frankenstein script and started doing thumbnails. Here's where i figure out the rough layout of each page, where characters need to be on the page, where speech bubbles will go, and what reference i'll need. From these, i'll do more finished layouts where i'll get a more specific idea of what reference i'll need exactly, work out light sources, spot blacks, etc. Then, eventually, i'll get to pencilling the page some stage.

If you can make any sense out of this, fair flay to yeh. I understand it, but at this stage, i'm the only one who needs to. I'll scribble down little details, in case i had an idea of what i'd like to add to a scene and i'm scared i'll forget it.



Anonymous said...

that first page,it's a boat,right...?
lol,fantastic update,keep 'em coming.
i watched van helsing last night,what a piece of shite,save for the ott production design... esp in the opening sequence.

Bob Byrne said...

Heh, Dec gets to reuse the ref shots from the 1st FreakShow he did. Nobody will notice though.I'm not implying anything....or am I?

Declan Shalvey said...

Feck ya Byrne, yer onto me!

Funny that this book opens up the very same way as Book 1 of Freak Show.

It's actually a different type of ship, not that you can tell from this angle. It's a clipper ship, so more like an arrow, where the one for Freak Show had a big arse, like a pirate ship. Pencilling that page today as a matter of fact.

Might stick up the page in stages when it's inked later this week, if i've time.