Tuesday, August 28, 2007



Another Your Round review today, this time on the Silver Bullet Comic Books website.

Make with the clickmaking here.

The reviewer makes note of how i've improved since Hero Killers, which was sound of him. It got 3 and a half bullets, so it did better than Amazing Spider-man, worse than X-Factor and as well as Immortal Iron Fist.

I can live with that.

It's described as "A series of entertaining and evocative stories that are well worth a read," which is pretty class. My baby's made me so proud.... sniff....



Unknown said...

Nice review, Dec – best one yet for Your Round I reckon. Kelvin's a nice fella – always been supportive of my work, too.

Unknown said...

Almost forgot – have you seen the article about Classical Comics' Shakespeare adaptations in the Indpendent today? Full-page, in colour with some lovely art. A very nice plug indeed.

Declan Shalvey said...

Yeah, great review from Kelvin. Had some encouraging things to say, so i'm well happy.

Wasn't aware of the Classical Comics coverage at all! Yeah, you certainly couldn't ask for a bigger plug ......save a bilboard