Monday, August 13, 2007


I was very saddened to hear of the passing of artist Mike Wieringo today. I didn't know him, but i was a big fan of his work. My tastes have always lent towards artists with a more 'realistic' style, but when i was younger, Wieringo's work blew me away.

On Sensational Spider-man, he was drawing these great, breezy, entertaining Spidey stories. I picked up the Modern Masters book dedicated to him last year, and from it, it was clear he really enjoyed fun drawing comics that anyone could read and wasn't fond of the trend of angst filled, dark heroes. It's a shame his return to Spider-man last year was a story that led in that direction, and didn't take advantage of the great work he could have done with the right type of story.

I suppose at least he left us so much amazing work for us to remember him by.



Stephen Mooney said...

Amen to that. BRILLIANT artist. Absolutely brilliant. Really makes you reconsider the endless 12-hour days... Huge respect for Ringo, so sorry to hear abot this. Sigh.

Rich said...

I talked to him once years ago at a Con, a nicer guy you couldn't meet and one of the finest artists in the biz. A real loss. Best wishes to his family.

Alan (with one L) said...

Glasses will be raised on Wednesday night - a fine artist