Sunday, August 26, 2007



Guh. I'm tired. Good week's work tho. Couple of commissions, 10 pages of Frankenstein layouts, 5 pencilled Frankenstein pages, 4 pencilled and inked Your Round pages and ...well ... that's it. If i keep this up, maybe i can die soon. The above workload explains the lack of posting the last couple of days.

Here's another panel from Your Round, with the scruffy, loose style i'm getting quite fond of....

Also, Declan's got a Portfolio website! He's so pleased he's speaking about himself in the third person, apparently. The site was all made possible by an old college buddy, Nina Lyons. Thanks Nina!

I've been meaning to sort a site out for myself for ages. Nothing mad, but if somebody wants to check out my work, their only option is to search through a years worth of material on this blog. And let's face it; they won't. The regular posts are great and all, but they're generally snippets of pages, rather than finished pieces. So now, i have a site where people can see my best stuff, such as it is. The webspace is part of a group of artists/illustrators/designers, etc. It's nice to be included with such a high caliber of talent. Check out the group site for some really nice work.


Also, click here for stuff you've all probably seen before on this blog.



Rich said...

The man never sleeps.
I'm lucky to get a pg penciled a day.

Declan Shalvey said...

I manage to sleep now and again.

Stephen Mooney said...

On top of a large pile of money with many beautiful ladies? Just like Ranier Wolfcastle